'My time as an animated film director has clearly ended.'

Director Hayao Miyazaki, who announced that he will retire with now playing ‘The Wind Rises’ as his last film, held a press conference on September 6th in Tokyo. He said that he will retire as director at Studio Ghibli and hereafter would like to continue things such as his work at the Mitaka Forest Ghibli Museum.

In front of over 600 members of the press representing 13 countries, Miyazaki said, ‘I have said that I will quit many times before, but this time is real,” causing a laugh. Reasons for retirement include his advancing age and declining ability to concentrate.

Miyazaki answered that his support for the foundation of filmmaking was “the thought that this world is worthy of living. This has not changed even now.”

"An occupation where you can draw the wind and light skillfully and be happy for days," saying he was glad he became an animator.

石飛徳樹, The Asahi Shimbun 9/7/2013 (Translation by daijyoubs)